The No Drama Media and SMX Content Difference

Here’s what you’ll get from a No Drama Media and Third Door Media event.

No Sales Pitches

We firmly believe that a speaker should be chosen on merit and not the size of the sponsorship budget. All No Drama Media events including SMX Sydney have speakers who are speaking based on the knowledge and experience they provide to conference attendees.

We do think sponsors and partners have valuable information for our attendees, of course. That’s why we’re proud of our expo halls. At some No Drama Media events events we have sessions that give sponsors an opportunity to speak about products and services in a more commercial manner, these are ideal for companies looking to find a new vendors etc…

Many Viewpoints

Search marketing is not an exact science. That’s why many of more advanced panels feature multiple speakers, so that attendees get a variety of opinions. It’s also why we offer extensive Q&A and discussion periods as part of most sessions, so that the audience can help drive forward exploration of particular views.

It’s All Choreographed

No Drama Media doesn’t just invite speakers to a panel and leave to chance what happens next. Each session is carefully prepped by Barry Smyth. Barry reviews a range of potential speakers and selects a panel or speaker based on who he feels can deliver the most relevant and informative presentation.

We work to ensure each speaker has an agreed amount of time to talk and in the case of a panel session that the presentations are complementary, rather than overlapping. The result: panels and sessions that just seem to that deliver on the promises in our agendas and magically flow together for attendees.

Getting the Delivery RIGHT

One of the greatest issues for speakers is getting the delivery of the message correct, speaker generally do not know what the skill levels of the audience is and can sometimes deliver a presentation that is highly technical tp an audience that does not understand the ore techie side of search.

No Drama Media employs and audience participation system that allows the speakers to ask a series of questions related to the session in order for them to gain an insight of who is sitting in the audience. The system allows for multiple choice questions to be answered in an anonymous manner via electronic handsets. This information is dynamically collated and displayed via the AV Screen.

An Fun and Enjoyable Experience

Conferences are more than just sitting in a room and watching PowerPoint presentations. At SMX, we believe the surrounding experience to presentations is a key part of the show. Among other things, this means:

We don’t do box lunches.

* Where possible we offer classroom style seating
* We don’t do box lunches.
* We offer conference bags you’ll want to use again and again.
* We ensure there’s internet connectivity for attendees.
* We carefully plan networking events, to ensure this important aspect of coming to a live conference isn’t left to chance.
* We will be offering printed presentations in advance, whenever possible, so attendees don’t have to waste time scribbling down slide content and can focus on the presentations themselves.

Search Conferences Driven By Attendees

Whether you provide feedback to using our formal evaluation surveys, send us email or just talk to us at the show, we take your advice and use it to constantly reshape and improve our events going forward.

Email us – marketing at nodramamedia com au

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